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The Ultimate Multiscene

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The Ultimate Multiscene is our most detailed multiscene yet. It boasts of builds and decor from the best creators in Second Life. We built these scenes with careful thought which reflects in the variety of choices.

To read more on the different scenes, visit our BLOG

         • 60+ Multiscene themes mostly with furnished houses worth over 17800 USD (and counting!)
        • FREE UPGRADES! meaning when we build more scenes, we will add it to your rezzer free of charge!
        • Singles and couples dances from HUMANOID and others worth 250.000 L$ value (over 1000 US Dollars!) included
        • Hundreds of Animations unique to each scene totalling to Thousands of Animations!

  980 L/week - 1131 total prims -   655 prims to use
1480 L/week - 1660 total prims - 1235 prims to use
1980 L/week - 2260 total prims - 1890 prims to use

To check  out the Demos, click on any of these links to Teleport in Second Life



To RENT an Ultimate Multiscene, teleport to one of these available rentals:

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